Immunofixation electrophoresis

Hellabio Immunofixation Electrophoresis (IFE) kits are intended for in vitro diagnosis of monoclonal paraproteins in human serum and other biological samples.

In some pathological cases (multiple myeloma etc) abnormal monoclonal bands appear in electrophorogram. The identification of these monoclonal bands can be done by different immunological techniques such as Immunoelectrophoresis and Immunofixation electrophoresis (IFE).

Immunofixation electrophoresis should be performed routinely on specimens with increased β1 or β2 concentrations, especially if there is no obvious reason to account for the increase, e.g. , iron deficiency or increased β-lipoprotein or C3, even if there are no abnormalities in the SPE pattern. 

The detection of a paraprotein band by electrophoresis must always be followed up with the specific typing of the band [ Immunofixation] . It is important that the heavy and light chain components are identified because this confirms monoclonality and the paraprotein type may give the clinician additional information about the underlying tumor and prognosis

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