Serum quality control


HELLABIO protein quality control is a basic serum protein control, for qualitative and/or quantitative use in agarose serum protein electrophoresis on HELLABIO agarose gels. It is a stabilized liquid prepared from human serum and assayed for total protein, albumin, alpha1, alpha2, beta and gamma globulins. The control is stable 6 months stored at -18 / -22 0C.


   Ordering information

    Cat No.      Description      Volume      MOQ 

     HSC01               vial                 0.5 ml           1

     HSC02                vial                 0.5 ml           1

     Customized formats are available upon request.             



*These products contain human source material and must be treated as potentially infectious.
Despite all testing, proper safety precautions for potentially infectious agents must be taken.


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