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Product presentation 

The Hellabio Power Supply is ideal for Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE and DNA/RNA submarine electrophoresis. The Hellabio Power Supply can run up to two gels at once at constant voltages. The integral timer and auto shut-off at the end of each run allows the user to perform other test at the running time without fear of losing valuable information. 

Package Content:

  •  1 AC/DC Power Supply
  •  1 Power line cord
  •  IFU



  • Small size metal case.
  • Last settings remains in memory.
  • Simple running with one button.
  • Illuminated message and parameters LCD, 2x16 characters.
  • Operation and settings by 4 buttons only.
  • Sound buzzer aids on settings or alarm.




Operating voltage:

230Vac. +/-10%

Output voltage range:

35-220 Vdc

Max output current:

400 mA

Max output power:

88 Watt

Min resistor load:

88 ohm

Setup resolution:

1 V

Time setting range:

1 – 60min

Ambient temperature:

0 - 40 0C

Relative humidity:

0 - 90%

Dimensions (WxDxH):

26.1x22x9 cm


4 Kg


PS- 220 version 2.3 instructions for use

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